Finbond Group Limited

Finbond Group Limited is a leading North American, Latin American and South African financial services institution that specializes in the design and delivery of unique value and solution-based savings, credit and insurance solutions tailored around depositor and borrower requirements rather than institutionalized policies and practices.

Finbond is a credit provider with both fintech and brick and mortar operations. Finbond conducts its business through administrative hubs located in Chicago, La Quinta, Phoenix, CutOff, Merrillville, Memphis, Toronto, Sliema, Pretoria, Somerset West and a total of 593 stores (370 in South Africa, 216 in North America and seven in Latin America).  

 Micro Credit Products

Micro Credit products are offered to the under-banked and underserved market actively seeking credit solutions but remaining largely unattended and underserviced due to the traditional banks’ concentration on the higher income brackets of the population. 

Investment Products

Investment and savings products, that offer a superior above average rate of return, are offered nationally in South Africa to investors and pensioners looking for guaranteed higher fixed income in the current environment of depressed yields.  

Savings Products

Finbond’s strategy is to stimulate savings in South Africa through offering superior investment and savings solutions by providing client shareholders with better interest rates, better products and better service. 


At the core of Finbond's business are the intellectual capital, experience, commitment and proven skills of its board of directors. The board is a blend of experienced high profile individuals with many years of management experience in the banking and financial services sector and all with proven track records, and corporate entrepreneurs with a flair for business.

North and Latin American Branches

223 Finbond North and Latin American branches are located in 16 states of the United States of America namely: Arizona, California, Illinois, Idaho, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Michigan, Nevada, Utah and Indiana. In addition to the US States, Finbond also has a presence of 13 stores in Ontario, Canada. 

Finbond’s Latin American branch network consists of seven stores located in the Panama City metro area.



South African Branches

Finbond’s South African branch network consists of 370 branches of which 66 are located in Gauteng, 17 in North West, 28 in Limpopo, 26 in Mpumalanga, 57 in Kwa-Zulu Natal, 66 in the Western Cape, 53 in the Eastern Cape, 34 in the Free State and 23 in the Northern Cape. 



Social Responsibility

Finbond Group Limited is an active corporate citizen with a strong ethical bent and a desire to make a difference in the lives of previously disadvantaged and less fortunate South Africans.

During the financial period, in addition to contributing to the financial literacy of our existing clients through regular interaction at our branches and providing them with simple, but much needed, consumer education through publications such as the “Spend Wisely” booklet, Finbond contributed to a number of charitable causes through cash donations.

SA: +27 12 460 7288

USA: +1 312 794 7848

MT : +356 2010 7207