Finbond Group Shareholders

Finbond is an owner-managed company, with management controlling 34% of the issued shares. The company's major shareholders include Kings Reign Investments and Protea Asset Management.

Finbond's commitment to providing customized financial solutions has helped it become a trusted financial partner for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The company's customer-centric approach has made it a preferred choice for those looking for customized financial solutions. Finbond's services are designed to cater to the unique needs of its clients, rather than following institutionalized policies and practices.

As a credit provider with both fintech and brick-and-mortar operations, Finbond has the flexibility to provide its clients with a variety of financing options. Its operations span across multiple continents, allowing the company to tap into different markets and serve a diverse customer base.

Overall, Finbond Group Limited's innovative and customer-centric approach has made it a leading financial services institution in North America, Latin America, and South Africa, with a bright future ahead.


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