Our Social Responsibility

Being a corporate citizen

Finbond Group Limited is an active corporate citizen with a strong ethical bent and a desire to make a difference in the lives of previously disadvantaged and less fortunate South Africans.


During the financial period, in addition to contributing to the financial literacy of our existing clients through regular interaction at our branches and providing them with simple, but much needed, consumer education through publications such as the “Spend Wisely” booklet, Finbond contributed to a number of charitable causes through cash donations. These include: Tshwane Place of Safety (“TPOSA”) and Tshwane Haven, Isabelo Feeding Scheme, Ligstraal School for LSEN and Huis Silversig, along with various other smaller donations.





Girls Saved


Boys Saved



Kids Helped

Social Responsibility

Tshwane Place of Safety
and Tshwane Havens

The Tshwane Place of Safety and Tshwane Havens also benefit from the use of properties valued at R6,25 million owned by the Group.


Investing in the communities in which we operate is something that has always been important to Finbond. Finbond is committed to the principles of socio-economic upliftment of the marginalised and previously disadvantaged in society.


To this end Finbond is proud to be associated with TPOSA which focuses on providing orphaned and abandoned babies and babies infected with HIV with good homes, frail care and shelter.


Since opening its doors in October 2003, TPOSA has saved and made a difference in the lives of 1262 children. The racial break-down of the children saved were: 904 Black African, 248 Caucasian, 102 Coloured, 6 Indian and 2 Thai. 635 of the children were boys and 627 were girls. The haven and Swallows Nest cares for up to 10 babies and children per month.

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