Finbond group

The Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Finbond Group

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Purpose

Our Vision

To become the leading short term lender in North America, Latin America and South Africa. This is a challenging goal that requires a clear strategy and a customer-focused approach. To achieve this objective, Finbond must have a strong understanding of its target markets, its customers' needs, and the competitive landscape.

Our Mission

To consistently satisfy the needs of our target market by offering innovative superior inclusive credit solutions and better service that add value to our clients lives by empowering them and contributing towards their financial growth independence and freedom.

Our Organizational Purpose

To improve and transform the lives and livelihoods of our clients and the societies we operate in by offering them modern, inclusive financial services and products that benefit and empower them and our stakeholders in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Finbond Group

Our Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guides our culture, behavior and decision-making.


To maintain social and ethical norms in all activities.

Human Dignity

To at all-time treat people with respect and consideration for their unique needs, feelings and opinions.


To be excellent in everything at all levels at all times.


To accept responsibility for the work delegated and execute it with excellence.


To strive for the greater benefit of the organisation through an appreciation of the role that each employee plays in achieving the overall goals.


Years of


Key Performance Indicators

To maintain social and ethical norms in all activities.
To always add value.
To supply solutions not just products.
To provide excellence of service.
To ensure consistency and constancy of the first four.


Finbond's identity and culture is centred upon achieving results. Finbond strives for excellence and is passionate about achieving goals. High goals are set and, once achieved, these become benchmarks for the future. All tasks are undertaken in a harmonious and creative way, constantly measuring results against the Key Performance Indicators.


Finbond is not focussed upon making quick and short-term profits but sets out to build critical market momentum that will secure long-term rewards and sustainable benefits for all stakeholders. Our business strategy is to exceed our client shareholders' business partner's and regulatory stakeholders' expectations and, in so doing, sustain the organic growth of Finbond Group Limited.


Ethics and Integrity are treated as essential core fundamentals in Finbond and not just words. Finbond is committed to:


The highest standard of service and professionalism; Duty to protect the public, clients, depositors and the industry and adhere to all laws; Client confidentiality; Equality and non-discrimination; Best interest of the clients; and Transparency and disclosing of information in order for clients to make a rational decision.